Tuesday, May 08, 2012


That's the link to a video that was made about an event that happened at the store last week.

The news was about the cash mob which was really good for business and was even covered by the Daily Press. Bob is doing fine but as for me, well, not so much. I will have a PET scan tomorrow so we can try to find out where the hell it is in my body. Rachel has mostly been working the store because I'm feeling kind of weak, and have been at home a lot.

Business hasn't been that great, even with the move out to the college neighborhood. Combine that with my health problems and I think it's time for me to let it go. I know the business can be profitable if someone takes over who can work full-time, which I never could, and do some advertising, and some networking and schmoozing. Until recently, it always paid for itself, paid its bills, rent and utilities.

So, I've put the word out locally that if anyone happens to hear of someone who is retired and likes to read and is looking for a small business to keep busy at, please let me know.

I'm handling all of this pretty well, actually. I'm more annoyed than anything else by the fact that I have to traipse off to all these different doctors and have all these different tests and – it's just irritating how it takes over your life. And Bob's life because he has to drive me everywhere. I've known since around the beginning of February, so it's been over three months of dealing with getting approvals from the insurance company and making appointments and having tests and waiting for results etc. etc. I'll get through it okay. If it hasn't metastasized too badly yet, I'll be fine. I'm a fighter. I've been doing it all of my adult life. Not much can get me down. So don't you worry, okay?


George said...

We are steadfastly not going to worry - as there is nothing to be gained by worry. What we will continue to do is support you in your meander through the wonderful world of medicine! Keep smilin', Lou.

Lou said...

Thank you, George, for always being there with a kind word for me. Keep your fingers crossed that they don't find anything worrisome tomorrow. I'll update the blog later this week and let you know.

Jeff Cohen said...

Hey. I'm Jewish. Don't you dare tell me not to worry.

Lou said...

LOL, Jeff.