Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Prodigal Returns

The Prodigal Returns

About a month and a half ago, we adopted two adult dogs, older dogs, both females. Molly is around six or seven and is the mother, and Betsy is three and is her daughter. They're both mutts and absolutely beautiful. Large dogs, gentle, wonderful. So most of my time has been spent with them. It's like having a couple of two year olds around the house! So rambunctious and playful. So fun. We just love them like crazy.

So I haven't done much writing on the Green Wool book. I do have plans for it though and I think I'll soon be back at work on it.

At The Lake is selling slowly on amazon. My efforts at publicizing aren't doing much good yet. Hopefully, word of mouth will help. So far, everyone loves it.

Winter is coming. We had our first bit of rain today here in the desert. Just a sprinkle. And it's pretty cold out there. Around sixty. Brrrrrr. I've got a space heater running here in my office.

Holidays are coming. I've already started my Christmas shopping. It's not even Halloween yet. lol. Hooray for online shopping.

I'll try to post more often for the three of you who might have stumbled across this blog. ttfn.