Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Website done

Website Time
I was able to finish my site yesterday and it looks good. Just a few pages with a few links. I like the style. It looks "Lou-ish."

Worked on the story some more. Seems I need to do a section at a time, meaning a segment of his life. I'm trying to carry a theme through this (subltly) and yet show his growth as a person. Yet I still need to keep each segment brief. The idea is that this is his life flashing before his eyes just before he dies.

So I do a few sentences and then go away. It floats around in my subconcious for a while and then the next piece pops into my head. I mull it for a while and if I think it works, I head for the keyboard. In case I haven't mentioned it, this is a difficult one. I've never done a story like this before, not the subject nor this particular structure.

Off to Vegas tomorrow.

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